Fanm Djanm means strong woman. 

About Fanm Djanm:
Fanm Djanm, which means "strong woman" in Haitian Kreyol, was founded in 2014 as a collection of eight headwraps, which Paola sold directly from her apartment on the weekends. Today, Fanm Djanm has transformed into a headwrap collection and lifestyle brand that serves to both empower and inspire women to live boldly. Fanm Djanm encourages women to wear a bold print, take command of a room, laugh a little too loudly, and pursue their greatest goals.

Though Fanm Djanm has grown over the years, the brand takes pride in its dedication to hand making its headwraps locally in Harlem, NYC and enforcing a zero waste policy via the reuse and recycling of fabric. Fanm Djanm supports international wholesalers and when able, hand picks all fabrics, dyes, etc. from various African countries as a means of supporting local entrepreneurs. In the near future, Fanm Djanm will be partnering with non-profit organizations dedicated to providing opportunities for students in Haiti and abroad.

Face of Fanm Djanm:
On a monthly basis, Fanm Djanm features a woman that epitomizes strength, passion, and confidence. We share her story in hopes of inspiring other women to express themselves, pursue their passion, and never step down in the face of adversity. 


Fanm Djanm Style Crush:
The Fanm Djanm Style Crush is a confident woman who is not afraid to take fashionable risks. Her boldness is just another part of her charm. Her wardrobe is not about the latest trends, but how she chooses to express herself every day.

Follow the Headwrap:
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