Signature Sleeveless Tank (Unisex)

Signature Sleeveless Tank (Unisex)


5.4 oz 100% preshrunk cotton unisex tee. 

This tee can be worn by both men and women. It is a relaxed fit, but can be dressed up and down.

We present to you our signature artwork. What does it mean? Here's the breakdown...

Headwrap: The headwap is included because we are PRIMARILY a headwrap line. We chose green and white because they are the colors of the Nigerian flag. It is our way to pay tribute to the kidnapped Chibok girls in Nigeria. 
The chain: The chain became a significant part of our look so we find it important. 
Glasses: Well, how cool are these glasses! They also mean that we see the world in color, but they're also a shield of sorts...
Lips: They're inspired by one of our favorite #fanmdjanm Grace Jones. The bright color (either pink or red) says that we're bold. The smirk means that we're not afraid to speak on what we believe in. 
The face: We left the face blank on purpose. It means, this drawing can be anyone. It can be any bold, strong woman from any part of the world.  You are a Fanm Djanm or Fanm Djanm Lover, and for that we love you. 

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