March Style Crush: Kamara Williams

We love meeting colorful spirits with bold style!

For the month of March, we interviewed Kamara Williams, a Trinidadian fashion blogger and writer, who is currently living her dreams in New York City. Despite the afternoon's frigid temperatures, Kamara's warmth and engaging personality shined through, and we loved learning about her style, closet must-haves, and how she finds inspiration in both the big and small moments of life. 

Favorite piece in your closet?
This is a hard one because I love everything. It would have to be my BCBG booties I bought about 3 years ago. They just make every outfit look so much more fashion forward. Plus, it's comfortable so it's a win-win situation every time I wear them, which is often.

What inspires you? 
So many things. I'm inspired by my mother. She's the strongest woman I know. My family as a whole inspires me. Nature excites me, specifically the beach because it always gives me so much peace. I'm intrigued by people's stories and interviews. Everyday life events that may seem unimportant are major to me. I like to take lessons and inspiration from everything, the grand and the small. 

Favorite style icon?
Rihanna. She's everyone's style icon, right? Always styling on us. I love it. 

What are your top 3 must-have items in your closet for the winter? For
the summer?
For winter I have to have a leather jacket for nights out and for layering.I love turtles necks because they're so cozy and chic and I can wear one every day without a problem. A good pair of boots is a must because they go with everything and keeps me warm. 

During the summer, I have to have crop tops, high waisted jeans/shorts, and my Rasta sandals (Jesus sandals). Ease is the key for the warmer months. 

What's your go-to accessory? (Besides the headwrap, of course!)
A choker of course! I've been wearing them since I can remember so I'm so happy they are on trend again.

Any advice for people working on finding their style?
I would say pay attention to what's flattering on your body type and to what suits your personality. Don't be afraid to mix and match different styles and fabrics that you think won't go together. You never know until you try it. Often times that's how you style the best looks. And always remember to enjoy it. Getting dressed should always be fun!

Want to see more of Kamara? Find her here:

INSTAGRAM: @inthing_




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