April Style Crush: Yolande Macon

We love meeting colorful spirits with bold style!

For the month of April, we interviewed Yolande Macon, a Brooklyn-based fashion blogger who considers fashion to be a language in and of itself. Though shy as a young child, fashion taught her how to communicate, express herself, and live a bold and colorful life. Below, she shares her style secrets, favorite items, and daring and vibrant style.

Favorite piece in your closet?
Anything off the shoulder or anything I can turn into an off the shoulder top/dress.

Who and what inspires you?
Black women who aren't afraid of being black women. They are proud to be themselves no matter what society throws their way. 

Favorite style icon?
My style icons change daily and I'm inspired not only by their style, but also by their influence. I love the self love that Tracee Ellis Ross and Solange exhibit. Through their style, they show women that life isn't about being perfect. That you can be perfectly imperfect. 

What are your top 3 must-have items in your closet for the winter? For the summer?
For winter, a fun coat, leather (or faux leather) item, and a pair of over the knee boots are great staples. I love print and color, so I'm usually drawn to coats that have fun prints and vibrant colors. My faux leather biker jacket is basically glued to my body during the winter because it goes with everything. Nothing dresses up an outfit like a pair of over the knee boots and they keep you warm...double win!

In the summer, I'm all about off the shoulder tops, short shorts, and a great pair of flatforms. NYC heat can get crazy so less is more.

What's your go-to accessory? (Besides the headwrap, of course!)
I'm all about bold earrings. Since I have short hair, I love the drama bold earrings add.

Any advice for people working on finding their style?
Don't follow anyone's rules but your own. My style came from my experiences in life. Wear what makes you happy and in the end, your style will manifest. 

Anything else we should know about you?
hen I was younger, I was very shy. Style was my way of communicating and expressing myself. Today, I use style as a way to inspire other to be themselves.

Want to see more of Yolande? Find her here:

WEBSITE: www.thelanguageofyolande.com

INSTAGRAM: @thelanguageofyolande


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