Artist Spotlight: Brazilian Ballerina

Name: Ingrid Silva

Occupation: Professional Ballet Dancer with Dance Theatre of Harlem

Origin: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ingrid Silva is a dreamer, believer, and her personality is bigger than the Fanm Djanm head wraps she modeled. She started dancing when she was eight years old and as her passion grew she decided to take a leap of faith in 2007 when she sent in her audition tape to Dance Theater of Harlem. Upon her acceptance, she moved to to NYC in January 2008. Since moving she has been living her dreams. She has travelled to many countries including Honduras, Austria and Israel.

Recently she has made a huge accomplishment performing at City Center's Career Transition for Dancers Gala. The dance which was called Return has been performed many times by Ingrid but to perform it in NYC was unbelievable. When she is not dancing, she is relaxing with her fiance and friends. In the words of Ingrid "I would tell young aspiring ballerinas that this job involves a lot of dedication, patience and support from your loved ones. Once you start believing in yourself you will make it to where you want to be." 

“Eu não nasci pra nadar e morrer na praia”

Translation: I wasn’t born to swim and die in the ocean.

Perseverance is key!