Half of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the Children’s Nutrition Program of Haiti, known locally as Kore Timoun.

Since 1998 the Children’s Nutrition Program of Haiti has carried out activities aimed at improving the health and development of Haitian children, particularly those suffering from malnutrition. Nutrition workers, known as monitrices, are the backbone of the organization's programs. 36 Haitian women from rural and urban Leogane who work with their communities to prevent and treat malnutrition. These women work tirelessly to ensure their communities are educated and making wise health decisions and that children suffering from malnutrition are found and treated. Monitrices also work with their communities to deal with the root causes of malnutrition, in the past this has included developing income generation schemes, investing in agriculture, building latrines and improving water sources. Website:  http://cnphaiti.org/index.php/en/

Donate directly to Kore Timoun today and help Haitian women prevent and treat malnutrition in Leogane, Haiti: http://cnphaiti.org/index.php/en/donate

Photograher: Joey Rosado

Makeup artist: Nori Rane

Models: Riva Precil, Paola Mathe, Ania Charlot