We are every woman. 

No little girl should grow up in a world that takes away her abilities to dream.

No woman should ever be persuaded that she's not beautiful enough. Strong enough. Or intelligent enough.

No matter where we are from, we should feel confident to share our colors and magic with the world. 

To love ourselves and those around us.

And to share our light and stories that make us all unique. 

We choose our head wraps to express our pride.

To celebrate African culture, strength and beauty.

To live boldly.

Put your head wrap on, lift your chin up, young girl. 


FALL 2015

Models: Sara Rojas, Romina Lizardo King, Mia King, Naila Lopes, Riva Nyri Precil, Paola Mathe, Cacsmy Brutus, Nori Rane, Conceica Gomes, Arminda Lizardo 

Makeup artists:  Lanea Singleton, Nori Rane

Photographer: Joey Rosado

Creative Director: Paola Mathe