Take me to New Orleans
And I'll show you my magic
Not the kind you'll find on Bourbon Street
Not the accessible kind
Not the obvious kind
My magic is full of color
My magic is like music
Not the kind you'll hear on the radio
But the kind you'll find yourself swinging to in the wee hours of the night
In a place not so familiar
With real musicians
With real instruments
My magic is watching the sun come up
After staying up all night with the moon
My magic is sisterhood
The real kind that looks after you
The kind that lifts you up when you fall down
My magic is turning everything into a beautiful garden
A safe place where you can frolic barefoot
My magic is sitting on the stoop, drinkin' sweet tea on a hot summer day
My magic is unforgettable moments, without all the luxury
Take me to New Orleans
And I'll show you my magic
My true colors
My NOLA colors


Models: Paola Mathe, Erika Flowers
Creative Director: Paola Mathe
Photographer: Aaron Pegg