Sisters with Pineapples (Print)

Sisters with Pineapples (Print)

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Paola Mathé and Kristia Tolode photographed by Joseph Rosado. Styling and concept by Paola Mathé. 

First batch of prints will ship between 10/24/2106-11/4/2016

Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 hurricane made landfall in Haiti on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. The death toll reached hundreds, dozens of cases of cholera have surfaced. Entire towns were destroyed. Immediate relief is needed now.

 100% of the proceeds from these prints will benefit the following local Haitian organizations:

Sow A Seed- Sow a Seed is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit, volunteer-based organization that works with struggling orphanages in the Caribbean region, assisting them with food, shelter, education and healthcare. Founded and managed by a team of young Haitian-American professionals, Sow a Seed has been operating since 2004 with the financial support of leading foundations and corporations. The organization also benefits from individual donations.


Kore Timoun- Since 1998 the Children’s Nutrition Program of Haiti has carried out activities aimed at improving the health and development of Haitian children, particularly those suffering from malnutrition. Nutrition workers, known as monitrices, are the backbone of the organization's programs. 36 Haitian women from rural and urban Leogane who work with their communities to prevent and treat malnutrition. These women work tirelessly to ensure their communities are educated and making wise health decisions and that children suffering from malnutrition are found and treated. Monitrices also work with their communities to deal with the root causes of malnutrition, in the past this has included developing income generation schemes, investing in agriculture, building latrines and improving water sources. 

Project St. Anne-  Project St. Anne was founded by a small group of women passionate about giving back to their community in Camp-Perrin, Haïti, situated south of Port- Au- Prince. This project initially started in the year 2008 as an effort to commemorate the Feast of St. Anne which is observed on July 26th.

Our objective is to provide financial support to children by assisting them with the vital need of an education.  Our promise is to continue to promote and maintain the future of Haïti by investing in our greatest asset, “our children”.

Prodev- PRODEV's mission is to develop, manage and support schools and centers in underserved communities. Our network is committed to accessibility, excellence and civic participation.  
We advocate locally and internationally to promote the idea that only education can create a stronger Haiti. 


Your purchase/contribution will go towards hot meals, non perishable foods, water, medical supplies, hygiene kits, baby goods, feminine products, metal sheets for roofing, temporary shelter. 


The organizations will receive a list of everyone who have made purchases, and we will update the website with how much we've raised. We plan to be absolutely transparent with this project. In the meantime, our team will continue to research, plan, and partner with organizations based in Haiti to find sustainable solutions. 

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