Due to the uprise of 'fast fashion,' the average American throws away approximately 65 pounds of clothing per year. With the addition of wasted textiles, like sheets and bedding, the U.S. creates 14.3 million tons of textile waste per year. Only 15% of this is reclaimed for recycling; the rest is dumped in landfills across the country.

As a small business, Fanm Djanm takes pride in its dedication to enforcing a zero waste policy via the reuse and recycling of fabric. Now, Fanm Djanm will take its green approach one-step further. Introducing Fanm Djanm Vintage - a collection of vintage, recycled items that perfectly compliment Fanm Djanm headwraps and jewelry.

All items are one-of-a-kind. We pick only gently-used, minimally-worn clothing and accessories. While some items have been slightly altered for fit and feel, most are sold as-is to keep that beautiful, vintage flare. If an item has any imperfection, this will be noted in the product's description. All sales final; no exchanges or returns.